Welcome to the Remembrance Image Project

An action fought on the morning of May 9 1915;

a picture taken on the morning of May 9 2015.

The period 2014-18 marks the one hundredth anniversary of the First World War.  The fighting of course occurred in many parts of the world; this project will focus on the Western Front in France and Belgium, where there was extended and ferocious fighting and huge loss of life on all sides.

Our aim is to produce something which is a lasting tribute to all those who lost their lives, or who were scarred physically or mentally by this terrible conflict.

Our first objective is to produce a library of creative photographs which document key sites of conflict, and capture some of the spirit and emotion of those locations.  The aim is to take these photographs at the one hundredth anniversary of conflict in that location, where possible down to the precise day and hour.  These images will be published over the period between now and 2018, and will hopefully form a lasting archive for future generations.

Alongside that, we aim to produce resource packs of these images with activities which teachers can use to help students to engage with and understand the conflict, its context and some of its consequences.  It is hoped that people will not only be able to respond to and critique images published here, but also to take their own images either on the western front itself, or at war memorials in their own locality.

To support this, there will be a Twitter feed and Facebook page where people can share their own images, and respond to those of others.  This means that alongside the core archive of images generated by the project, there will hopefully be a huge range of images taken by members of the public and shared widely.

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