Project update Mar 2014

Arch at Thiepval

Lutyens’ memorial arch at Thiepval, from my recent Somme trip

The opening months of 2014 have been a busy period for project work.  The programme of talks and interactive workshops is taking shape for the year; even before the month of January was out, I’d given a talk at a Hertfordshire camera club, and taken part in an interactive workshop with 200 or so Year 9 school students.  These were the first in  a series of similar events planned throughout this year, and indeed over the next several years – so if you are interested in a talk or workshop for a group you are connected with, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I have just completed the first public exhibition of project images this year, at Clapham Library in south London.  Two further exhibitions are planned, at the Guildhall Library in the City of London between August and November; and at St Clement Danes (the RAF church) in the Strand from 4-16 November.  I shall also be giving a public talk about the project at the Guildhall Library at 2pm on Wednesday 6th August. 

More generally, I am continuing to visit sites both in the UK and abroad to build up a portfolio of images.  I was on the Somme last weekend, with some fairly dramatic weather as a backdrop; closer to home I have also been discovering and photographing some of the London war memorials.  And later in the year I have trips planned to Ypres, Mons and the southern sections of the Western Front.  All of these images will start to figure in the daily Twitter and Facebook posts.

Please do keep in touch; and as ever, if you have any of your own images to share, please feel free to tweet, facebook or email!

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