Schools and community

As well as creating an archive of images taken during 2014-18, the project aims to work with schools and community groups, using photographic images to:

  • help students and others to engage with and understand the importance of the First World War in world history
  • encourage people to discuss, react and respond to photographic images of the western front as it is now; and reflect on how it may have been for those fighting there 100 years ago
  • prompt people to create and share their own images of remembrance

It is hoped that this approach will be particularly helpful for people who are, for whatever reason, unable to travel to the battlefields themselves; as well as providing an opportunity to prepare for or reflect on a visit for those who are able to travel there.

Simon Gregor, who runs the project, is happy to work closely with schools and community groups to tailor-make sessions which fit with their own learning objectives.  A short leaflet setting out some suggestions is available to download [Schools leaflet, pdf]. Please contact us if you would like to explore the options further.

As the project develops, it may be possible to arrange for photographers to accompany groups of students on visits to the battlefields, and use photography as a way of helping them to engage with the history and the importance of remembrance on the ground.  Please contact us if you are a tutor who is interested in this possibility.

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